At Billiards Plus, we have specialists to assist you with your billiard equipment needs. Contact or visit us to see how we can help!


Relocate Your Table

Are you moving and want your table to come with you? We can take apart, move, and put it back together again. You won’t have to lift a finger.


New Felt/Billiard Fabric

Is your felt looking and playing a little rough? We can fix that. We have the best billiard fabric in stock and ready to be put on your table.


New Cushions/Bumpers

Are your rails feeling a little “dead?” It’s time to get the bounce back in your game. We’ll install new cushions/bumpers, so you can enjoy your game again.


Level Your Table

Getting some funny rolls? Don’t let the “table roll” get into your game. Let us get your table in top notch shape.


Crating Slate for Moving

Leaving Ohio, but keeping your pool table? We can help you ship your slate to keep it safe during the move.


Cue Repair

We can fix or repair almost anything relating to our products and their accessories. Give us a call for all your reconditioning, ding repair, tip and weight changes.

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